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AA's, CRNA's Arrive At The Same Destination

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Topic: AA's, CRNA's Arrive At The Same Destination
Posted By: ASA Follower
Subject: AA's, CRNA's Arrive At The Same Destination
Date Posted: 31 Aug 2009 at 7:13pm
AA's, CRNA's Arrive At The Same Destination

First, many of the practice laws, be it for doctors, nurses, hair dressers or barbers were put in place to protect the profession from competition. (If you do not believe me, look up the history of the AMA as an example.) This happened so much, the practice acts became known as "fencing bills" in some states. If a person can reach point "A" (the safe practice of anesthesia) does it really matter if they came by route 66 (MD/DO anesthesiologist) route 80 (CRNA) or route 70 (AA) as long as they all arrive at the same destination? If the AANA was so concerned about safe anesthesia and having enough providers to supply the nation's needs, it would embrace Anesthesiologist Assistants as an alternate route to Point "A" and instead of fighting the - AA programs , would embrace them.

In regards to CRNAS being Nurses and can never be medical directors, that is not true in the military. In the military the practice of a profession such as medicine and nursing is NOT allowed to fence a person out from administrative and command positions. I, as a CRNA (Major) was once the Chief of Anesthesia and had an Anesthesiologist (Capt) under me administratively. I, as a Nurse (Lt Col) was Chief of Surgical Services and had all of the surgeons, surgical clinics, surgical ward, OR, PACU, Anesthesia and Central Supply under me. Some nurses even went onto becoming hospital commanders, with everyone under them. WHEN (Note the term WHEN) the military finally gets around to recognizing and allowing - Anesthesiologist Asstants into the services, they will probably be put into the Bioservice Corp (Air Force term, Don't know what the Army and Navy calls it) and will be able to compete within their corp for promotions AND administrative AND command positions. It is quite possible in 15 years you will see an Anesthesiologist Assistant as a Hospital Commander.

Bottom line, I think all this fighting between Route 66, Route 80 and Route 70 is stupid.

Saying one is better than they other just drives people
further apart.

I think the AANA IS acting as a union and its #1 goal is to protect the jobs of CRNAs. What we need to focus on is the destination, Point "A"
the safe practice of anesthesia.

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