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An AA Talks Seriously With A CRNA!

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Topic: An AA Talks Seriously With A CRNA!
Posted By: ASA Follower
Subject: An AA Talks Seriously With A CRNA!
Date Posted: 22 Aug 2009 at 1:56pm
An AA Talks Seriously With A CRNA!

Alright! I’m not going to bicker with the CRNA's out there, but seriously I want a thought out answer from a couple of you. What is your problem with - Anesthesiologist Assistant’s ? Is your problem with us or the ASA/MDA's? You can talk about how we are unproven, but frankly you probably have never even met one of us. We've been around for over 30 years and if we were not capable, that would have been determined by now. So that leaves the ASA. Fine, the MDA's get paid more, some are controlling micromanagers, but they are also the ones paying over 15k in liability. More importantly, in general practice if the patient crashes it is a proven fact that more hands are better than one. The surgeons don't know our drugs, most of the nurses in the O.R. aren't even ACLS Certified.

If you're the only one,  the patient has a far less chance of coming through than if more anesthesia trained hands are available. In that respect an MDA is a doctor with training in all areas of medicine, as well as anesthesia, so that makes them a higher trained hand than a CRNA.

Most of CRNA comments are either just to insult or complain about having to work for a doctor. In many states the AANA doesn't want to have to be under any doctor. Instead, hundreds of thousands of dollars are spend annually on legal fees to block Anesthesiologist Assistant's or to fight the ASA. This isn't a ploy to improve healthcare, it's a ploy to increase the CRNA bank account in my opinoin.

CRNA Response: 

Actually I do not have a problem with - Anesthesiologist Assistants or MDAs. However, your comment about it being "safer" with more hands available does not fly in the face of closed claim reviews. Both the team concept and the solo provider show equal levels of quality of care. If that were not the case, you can bet the insurance for a CRNA working solo would be much higher. In regards to the AANA, I agree.  Just as the AMA, ASA, nursing and medical practice acts were formed for the stated reason of improving the quality of care, they often became means of restricting practice to ensure the financial well being of the various groups. It would be a real bummer if a group came along called - Anesthesia Technicians who only needed 2 years of training to be the Anesthesiologists right hand. Bet the CRNAs and AAs would fight that one.

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