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Frustration Former RN's..Now CRNA'S Have With AA's

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Topic: Frustration Former RN's..Now CRNA'S Have With AA's
Posted By: ASA Follower
Subject: Frustration Former RN's..Now CRNA'S Have With AA's
Date Posted: 17 Aug 2009 at 4:41pm
A good number or AA's are former allied healthcare workers, some are even PA's. I think that a lot of the frustration that former RN' CRNA'S have with AA's can easily fit into a few categories!

1. There are some AA's that come to the table without previous healthcare exp. After 24 months of training and a pre-med degree they should have the ability to care for a patient safely, clinicals are part of the curriculum (Everyone can learn, and at some point everyone was taking care of a patient for the 1st time.)

2. CRNA's have honestly put in at least 6-7 years worth of training and schooling only to turn around and face the fact that someone ( - AA's ), who may not have had to put in additional years of critical care or 4 yrs of nursing care will make the same amount of money as they will. (As mentioned above, this should exclude PA's, RT's or other Allied health professionals, because these people have put in their time and paid their due, while learning to care for critical or urgent care patient's)

3. Lastly is the RN to MD relationship. I have noticed that it is often full of friction. RN's honestly don't like to be TOLD what to do in regards to their patients, especially Critical Care RN's (which is understandable because in this setting decisions have to be made quickly!) Anesthesiologist Assistant's are in place and created specifically to ASSIST the MD.

All in all it seems to me that arguing this would be similar to arguing the difference between a PA and ARNP, one position was created to ASSIST and the other to substitute temporarily. In our rapidly expanding population with growing healthcare cost and concerns both positions, when people are fully trained and educated,  provide the patient with a safe alternative. Imagine the risk to the patient and what the eventual hospital bill would be in this economy if we had to have anesthesiologist in each room.

If you run into a well trained - Anesthesiologist Assistant or a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist "PAT" them on the back for being skilled, because aren't we all supposed to be pro-patient? For everyone, CRNA and AA alike this requires recognizing the importance of what you do by learning the INs and OUTs of your trade, honing your skill especially when lives are involved.

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