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September 12, 2012

How to Become An Anesthesiologist Assistant

How to Become An Anesthesiologist Assistant

An anesthesiologist assistant assists anesthesiologists in all areas of anesthesia, from the initial patient assessment, to intubating and monitoring during surgery to recovering the patient in the post-operative suite. Anesthesiologist assistants responsibilities include but is not limited to performing CPR/ACLS, assisting in anesthetic planning, ordering appropriate pre-operative evaluations and pre-medications, operating ASA Standard Monitors, inserting arterial and venous catheters, interpreting data from central venous, pulmonary artery and intracranial catheters.


Anesthesiologist Assistant Program Guide:

  1. The candidate must obtain a bachelor’s degree (preferably in the sciences) and have completed the required prerequisites. These graduate school prerequisites commonly include physics, math, physiology, anatomy, chemistry and biology.
  2. The Anesthesiologist Assistant candidate must take Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) or the Graduate Records Examination (GRE). After taking one of these tests the applicant can apply to a school that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP).
  3. The candidate must graduate from an anesthesiologist assistant program that is accredited by the CAAHEP. The typical length of these anesthesiologist assistant programs take anywhere from 24 to 28 months.
  4. The Anesthesiologist Assistant candidate must complete the licensing requirements of their state medical board. Post graduation, the anesthesiologist assistant candidate must schedule and take the National Commission for Certification of Anesthesiologist Assistants (NCCAA) exam.
  5. In order to keep your certification in good standing you must complete insure the NCCAA obtains your 40 hours of continuing education every two years. In the sixth year of practice the anesthesiologist assistant must take the Continued Demonstration of Qualifications (CDQ) exam.




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